Physical Description Edit

The Western Four-Toed Drill is an omnivorous animal that lives in the western hemisphere of the hot and dry planet Elgorta. The Four-Toed Drill ranges between 4-9 inches high. Their inflatable hump adds approximately another 2 inches. This hump on their back stores water in times of drought and can deflate when not needed. Their tongues are a cone shape and can drill through rocks allowing them to seek shelter during the very common sand storms. Their drilling tongue also allows them to drill through the skull of prey killing them instantly. The Four-Toed Drill looks very similar to the Poisonous Cracker Mushroom in the way that the top of it is completely flat as long as their water hump is deflated. The Western Four-Toed Drill does not lay eggs nor give birth to live young, instead they lay “seeds” which then sprout and eventually become full sized Four-Toed Drills.

Behavior Edit

The Western Four-Toed Drill is a solitary species that does not have any type of established democracy. They are typically friendly but when bothered they hiss at ear busting frequency. A common form of attack between other Four-Toed Drills is to butt heads or whip one another using their sturdy drill like tongue. This is commonly used to fight for a mate.

Environment Edit

The Western Four-Toed Drill lives on the planet Elgorta. Elgorta is an extremely dry planet that frequently undergoes months or even years of drought. The planet can reach scorching temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius during day and 250 degrees Celsius at night.  Extreme winds of 100 MPH and over happen very frequently causing sand storms. The plant Elgorta is home to few animal species due to these extreme weather conditions. The five animals that do thrive there are the Packson Panther, Jucksy Baboon, Tippsul Frog, Tenther Turtle, and Fawper Bird. Although planet Elgorta is not home to many animals it is inhabited by a wide variety of plants. The Giant Rafflesia Arnolda which is a huge flower that spans 6 feet wide and provides shade to all the animals. The planet is also home to tall dry grass in which the animals can hide from predators. Elgorta also inhabits the Cracker Mushroom which is a cracker thin mushroom that is extremely common and very poisonous.

Physical Adaptations Edit

The Western Four-Toed Drill has many traits that have been passed on to improve its chances of survival in its environment. Some of these adaptations include, pads on the bottom of its feet to protect it from the hot sand, a thin body that is almost identical to the Poisonous Cracker Mushroom, ducts behind its ears that emit mist to cool it down, and and a textured skin which blends in with the desert sand. They also posses a retractable hump that stores water in times of drought. They have four toes that help them to grip the sand as they run away from predators. Their toes also help them to dig holes when in need of shade. Their tongue is coned shape and can drill into any surface including diamond.

The Western Four-Toed Drill is mostly the prey of the Fawper Bird and the Tippsul Frog. Other animals can not differentiate the difference between the Four-Toed Drill and the Cracker Mushroom which is extremely poisonous.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Besides these physical adaptations the Western Four-Toed Drill has acquired the ability to dig massive holes at night to protect them from the heat of their home planet Elgorta. They also hiss to give warning before they attack anything that is being a nuisance to them.