Physical Description Edit

The Umberishey (um-bir-ish-ey) is a carnivorous creature which lives in the rainy forest. This animal is a mixture of a monkey, a bird, and a fish. Not only that but it has an umbrella shaped feature on its head which spins as a blade. This creature has fur that can camouflage into other patterns and colors in order to hide from other predators. It also has webbed hands and feet like a fish.

Behavior Edit

Although Umbirisheys are smaller than most animals in their environment, they are strong and able to bring down anything. Therefore, they travel and hunt individually. Afterward they would meet up and share their goods with one another. Even though they are animal, they have the same genital parts at us humans. That means that they mate the same way as humans, but they are able to have 6 babies at once.

Environment Edit

The environment of where the Umbirishey lives is a rainy forest. It is cold and obviously rainy. Yes, there are natural disasters, but one that you mainly need to look out for are floods. The types of vegetations are trees, grass, and flowers. The preys that are provided in this environment for these mysterious creatures are fish, birds and lions. You may ask, “How are those small creatures able to devour a lion?” The answer is, they are pretty sneaky and smart. There is one problem though...There are some dangerous creatures, particularly the Avatars that like to go after Umbirisheys.

Just imagine walking into a land full of trees and other plants where it is never too dark. Feel the cold breeze hit your face and the rain droplets land on your skin. That is what the umbirishey feels.

Physical Adaptations Edit

The Umbirisheys have many physical features that help them out in the environment that they live in. For example, they have fur in order to keep them from getting too cold. You must be wondering what is that thing on its head? Well, it is shaped as an umbrella for a reason. Since the environment is rainy, it helps to keep the rain from getting in the its way. The umbrella shaped feature also works as a spinning blade in order to cut up prey. Also, the creature has webbed hands and feet to allow it to swim through floods and water to catch fish. Umbirisheys are fast and able to climb and fly. Not only that but it also has camouflaged fur to help it blend in with the plants.  

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Since predators are mostly out during the daytime Umbirisheys stay in their habitats unless they are brave and courageous. While they are staying in, they sleep and eat so they are ready for later. During the night time, they are out hunting prey in their sleep so it is easier.