Physical Description Edit

Snaogs (pronounced/snay-oo-g/) are a species of dangerous creatures of the land Chippidy. They have a frog like face and snake like body. Snaogs are about 1 foot in height, and 4 feet in width. They are about 7 feet long. Their frog like face is far from normal. Compared to other frogs, their head is about 10 times bigger! Instead of a normal frog tongue, they have a snake like tongue that is split into two. Snaog snake like bodies are very large, being able to eat any meat in sight. The men produce the babies instead of the women. They give birth to 2 babies once a year. They live up to 10 years, and this causes them to be the most dangerous predator in Chippidy.

Behaviors Edit

Snaogs are very independent until they find a mate and build a family. Snaogs live on rocks closer to waterfalls. If two Snaogs approach each other at the rock, they will fight over their habitat. When they fight, they whip their tails at one another. Eventually one Snaog will give up, and they will go find another rock to live on. When Snaogs mate, they use their awkwardly large frog heads. They butt heads, and as they do, the females transfer to eggs to the males head.

Environment Edit

Snaogs live in the land of Chippidy. Chippidy is a very wet land. It is filled with only rainforest. It rains about 5 times a week. Once a year, it doesnt rain for a whole week, causing animals to adapt to their surroundings. Therefore this causes mutation within the animals. During the day the weather is very hot. It reaches a temperature of 80 degrees everyday. At night time the weather is warm. Since the sun isn’t out the climate changes to 60 degrees. The land is entirely covered in rainforest. There are rainforest about every mile. There are many tall trees which gives a nice habitat for most, if not all, of the animals. They also have many rocks around the waterfall,which provides homes for the Snaogs to live.

Physical Adaptations Edit

Snaogs can adapt to the environment of Chippidy very well. Their long, snake-like, bodies allows them to travel smoothly throughout the damp lands. Their frog heads allows them to go in and out of the water being able to breath in any condition. Their very large nostrils gives them the ability to smell from half a mile away. Their long bodies also allows them to travel quickly. Therefore with their amazing sense of smell, and ability to travel quickly, they can catch their meals whenever they please! Snaogs don’t get warm or cold. They adapt to the climate without them knowing.

Behavioral Adaptations  Edit

At night time Snaogs proceed to their claimed rock. If Snaogs have a family, first the male Snaog goes on the rock, then the babies, then the mother goes on top. They sleep in this order to the babies can be protected from anything dangerous, or harmful. Snaogs can hibernate from anywhere between 10 hours and 12 hours. They approach to their rock at about sundown.