Physical Description Edit

The Shwant is an invasive species that was first brought over from planet Skrunch to planet Lofe.  Shwants range from 10 to 15 feet tall.  They have three legs and sharp claws used for climbing. Male shwants come in colors of turquoise or orange and females are pink. Female shwants are most attracted to the taller shwants. They reproduce twice a year with seven to eight eggs.  Babies do not develop their wings until they are  7 months old.   

Behavior Edit

Shwants are quiet, lazy animals, who spend most of thei time resting in sunlight.  They are only aggressive when they are attacked by other animals. They tend to stay in packs because they are often attacked by their predators, Dornts.  

Environment Edit

Planet Lofe is primarily hot and windy during the day at about 95 degrees.  The planet stays close to the sun all year round so it only has one season, summer.  It begins to rain every night for about four hours every night. This helps to cool down the planet and help to grow vegetation.  A long time ago there was once a drought and it was so warm that it burned everything on the planet. Now the only vegetation that grows is tall blop fruit bushes that grow to almost 100 feet tall and small pen sized trees that are homes to the insects on the planet.  The insane amount of rain that falls in the night causes the ground to be wet and soft throughout the day frequently causing sinkholes.  There are underground tunnels which are dry and cool that serve as a habitat for most of the animals on the planet.   

Physical Adaptations Edit

Shwants have adapted to their environment by eventually evolving wings and claws.  Their wings help them to reach the top of the blop fruit bushes.  The shwants that did not have wings eventually died off because they could not eat.  Theim claws help them to run across the planets ground quickly by sinking them into the soft often slippery ground and pushing themselves forward.  Their claws also help them to climb the blop fruit bushes when necessary.  

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

During the day because it is so hot, Shwants spend the hottest parts of the day underground to avoid the hot sun.  They also Created pathways for their water to go through, it being deeper into the ground helps it to avoid the hot sun.