Physical Description Edit

Ponicles (pronounced pone-ickle) are herbivorous animals that live on Canterhaven.  They are 4 feet high at their withers.  Ponicles look like the land animal, the horse.  Ponicles have a snow white, waterproof coat, and a bright sky blue mane and tail.  To keep them cold when they are on other parts of the island, their veins pump ice water instead of blood.  Once a year there is a big snowstorm.  During that snowstorm the females without children will find a baby ponicle.  Females only get one baby during their lifetime.  

Behavior Edit

Ponicles are gentle and caring creatures.  They don’t live in separate herds.  They live separately with their families, but their herd encompasses all the ponicles.  When they are alone they are very skittish animals.  They turn into ice statues when they get scared, so they can’t be hurt.  When they are with the rest of their herd, they are more confident.  Unlike some animals, there is no fighting within the ponicle community.  

Environment Edit

Canterhaven is split into four parts.  Each quarter of the island is a different season.  Ponicles live in winter on Canterhaven.  The temperature is never above freezing at the edge of the island, but the closer you get to the center, where all 4 seasons meet, the temperature rises to just above freezing.  Because of the cold temperatures, very few plants can grow there.  Ponicles eat the berries, that sprout from the ground in warmer places.  They get their water from the unfrozen lakes near the center of the island.  The temperature ranges from 0℉ at the edge of the island to 40℉ at the center.  On the other side of the island in the summer, it ranges from 70℉ to 90℉, with no humidity.  Spring and fall range from 40℉ to 60℉.  Snow is always on the ground in winter.  There is one big blizzard every year, and then smaller blizzards year round.  There are multiple frozen lakes.  In spring and summer there is rain.  In the fall, the trees are colored red, yellow, and orange all the time.

Physical Adaptations Edit

The ponicles adaptations help them to hide from predators, survive through storms, and stay cool in warmer places.  When ponicles encounter a new animal that they think could be dangerous, they have the ability to freeze into an ice statue.  This lets them observe the new creature when they can't be hurt.  Ponicles also have the ability to hide in the snow because of their white color.  This also lets them observe the new creature, this time they can be hurt, but not seen.  Ponicles can venture into other seasons.  Their fur is waterproof, which allows them to stay dry in a summer or spring rainstorm.  If they weren't waterproof then their coat would freeze as they entered winter.  Ponicles can’t get cold.  This will allow them not to freeze to death as the blizzards hit.  Ponicles have the ability to sense when a storm will happen.  This helps them to prepare for the big storm, when the new ponicle couples get their babies.  Their mane and tail also have the ability to glow.  This allows them to see through storms.  The ponicles veins pump ice water throughout their bodies, instead of blood.  This helps them stay cold even if they are in summer.  

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

If the ponicles are in summer on a very hot day, ponicles try to leave as quickly as possible.  When they are unable to do so they use their abilities to swim to allow them to cool down so that they don’t overheat.