Pecus Punctatum

(Peck-oo-z P-oo-N-k-tat-oom) (Literally “Speckled Beast” in Latin)

Description Edit

The Pecus Punctatum, or simply Pecus, is a creature that looks very much like a dragon from British mythology. The wings of this beast are very thick, large, bat-like wings. When the Pecus is fully grown its massive wings can grow to a span of almost 3 school busses, or 108 ft. With a total body mass of almost 2 tons, this is not a beast to mess around with.

It has a long tail of almost 50 ft. that can have a large variety of “decorations” on it. A war type Pecus, tamed by the Zelotes, a sentient being on their home planet Zaxorn, may have spikes on the sides or tops, while the domesticated breeds may look prettier, with light fur on the tail and a cute looking design at the tip.

The Pecus usually has a solid color on its back which fades to a different color in a speckled pattern, giving the beast its name. Although most have the aforementioned pattern, some rarer beasts may have a design across their entire body.

The creatures have long, crocodile-like faces, with bigger backs of their head in order for the brain to be able to store its massive amount of information it may hold. The have forked tongues like snakes, but, unlike snakes, their tongue is not used to smell. The tongue of a Pecus is very sensitive to taste, but, when defending itself, the tongue may harder and sharpen like a sword. It then uses its tongue to impale attackers.

The Pecus also has large horns on its head. The first discovered Pecus is said to have had horns similar to a goat’s, although it is not certain. Like its tail, the horns may differ depending on what each specific breed is bred for.

The Pecus does not have long legs, as they usually use their wings for transport. The feet are reptile-like, with three extremely large, sharp claws on the front of the foot, and one slightly smaller claw on the back. Because the Pecus has smaller legs for their size, they are trained to use them since birth, so it is easier to fight possible attackers.

The Pecus also has a strange thing in it’s stomach. Oils. Different types of oil actually. Pecus teeth have high metallic concentrations in them, so they create sparks with their teeth, and then spit oil. The oil ignites, effectively creating a giant flamethrower. Sort of. Because of the massive varieties of oil on this planet, the oil changes form when it contacts fire. Some oil ignites, some becomes a freezing water, and some electrifies.

Planet and Environment Edit

The planet the Pecus is native to, Zaxorn, has a much higher gravity level than Earth. This results in an unreasonably more difficult amount of work for something as simple as raising your arm. This has trained the Pecus, as it is already extremely powerful on it’s own planet, the alpha on most other planets in the universe.

Because of its extreme gravitational weight, the planet Zaxorn is known to have strangely shaped plant life, with trees that may grow tilted straight to one side, or as strange as the species, Xielia, which grows with its leaves on the ground and its roots spiralling out in the air. Of course, there are also very dangerous plants on this planet too, like the Crestliana, which is a creature that looks like a venus flytrap, but eats anything that moves.

The climate of this planet is also extremely harsh. The summers can easily reach temperatures well above 100 degrees. In winters, the temperature can get as low as -236 degrees fahrenheit, making it so cold that most living things on the planet would freeze, and it would be no surprise that the humans attempting to colonize the planet often do not make it through the winter.

Adaptions Edit

The Pecus has developed an extremely thick layer of skin on its body, which is used in order to keep heat in and cold air out. The cold sensitive nerves of the Pecus end about three inches below the surface of skin. This makes it much more difficult for the Pecus to even notice the change of season by feeling alone.

Because of the extreme gravity of Zaxorn, the Pecus is an unnaturally powerful creature on other planets. The Pecus is “trained” in the extreme gravity of Zaxorn simply by moving. You could only imagine how difficult it is for this 2 ton monster to walk, let alone fly.

The Pecus has its strange oils which are developed in its stomach for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is useful for fighting back. The last thing another animal wants to see in a fight is its prey spitting fire or flash-freezing what it pleases. Secondly, it is useful for other forms of survival. The constant heat and cold in its stomach keeps its body at a nice, neutral temperature. Its flaming breath can give light, while its freezing heat can help to create somewhere the Pecus can hide. And these are only 2 of the uncountable amount of different oils that Pecus’ possess.

All in all, the Pecus is one of the most dangerous, but at the same time, smart, creatures in the universe. The Pecus is, on top of all of that, the apex predator on its planet. The only Predator it has is itself.