Physical Description Edit

Normunus (pronounced /norm:un:us/) are a species of omnivorous animals who live on the frosty planet Coltalas. Normunus are about 1.8288 meters tall and about 1.2194 meters wide.

A Normunus are almost a combination of earth polar bears and earth slugs. They are warm blooded just like us, with a thick white coat and under that fur is tick, protective body blubber. They lay eggs rather than have live births. Normunus’ are able to lay about 155 eggs each time, and they usually lay their eggs about 3 times a coltalaen year. They spit into the mouths of their young rather than giving them milk like human do.

Behavior Edit

Normunus are patriarchical animals where the male usually leads and they travel in herds of 10 or fewer individuals. They mostly all get along in peace with each other but once in a while one individual in the pack tries to face-off their leader for dominance. The Normunus that wins is the one who is now in charge. They are mostly friendly, despite their harsh exterior. They do not fight unless it is actually necessary. They never will fight over a mate because as soon as Normunus’ are born they already know who their proper mate will be and if they shall mate with someone other than their mate they will be killed by their leader.

Environment Edit

Normunus’ live on the planet Coltalas. The planet’s climate is dominated by icy weather patterns. During the day time the temperatures can often be below freezing. They have blizzards about three times a week and it is very common to have avalanches occur. As a result of only having freezing weather they have very few food sources. They eat animals such as fish and walruses, and plants such as lichen, grass, kelp, and berries. The average planetary temperature is around -1ºC, however different parts of Coltalas could reach -50ºC. The surface is mostly frozen and icy. They have few mountains or volcanoes. Coltalas is a very bland place to live in. It is precisely 1230 light years away from Earth.

Physical Adaptations Edit

Normunus possess numerous evolutionary adaptations to the bitter, frosty environments of Coltalas. These adaptations consist of a thick white fur coat so they can keep warm through the bitter cold nights. They have a very thick layer of fat so they could stay even warmer at night. They have a very hard shell for when snow avalanches occur; their shell can protect them. The white thick fur also camouflages them from any predators like Abolous. They have long thick claws to defend themselves from predators and help them catch fish. Their webbed feet help them swim under water. They have strong, sturdy wings to help them fly away from predators. And they have big sharp teeth to help protect themselves and it helps them eat food.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Even though these physical adaptations may help them with predators, they have internal problems too like staying warm. They sleep for about 12% of the day and stay awake for 88% of  the day. They hibernate every other month so they can maintain their warm body heat.