Physical Description Edit

Lotusaki (pronounced /low:tus:ak:ee/) are a species of omnivorous animals who live on the island known as Deluxious. Lotusaki’s have the average height of 4 meters. Lotusaki is a specific type of dragon. They don't breathe fire, but they do fly. They have smooth but slimy skin like a seal. They lay enormous eggs, up to 5 at a time. When the lotusakis’ are babies they eat deluxian mice.

Behavior Edit

Lotusakis are an independent species and once full grown go their separate ways. They do not hunt each other. The females are the larger of the species. They aren't very domestic when in contact with another species. In fact, they are actually quite vicious and don't get along particularly well.

Environment Edit

Lotusakis live on the islands of Deluxious. The islands are volcanic and covered with rain forests. There are active volcanoes, lava fields, and caves. The temperature across the largely ocean covered planet is warm, with humid and wet conditions during much of the deuxian year. It is sunny for most of each deluxian day, and on most of the islands it rains at least twice a week. Its always summer there and it never snows. The coldest it would ever get is 60 degrees. The hottest it would ever get would be about 180 degrees. There are multiple exotic plants, flowers, and fruits around the islands. The waters around the islands are very deep. In the lakes on the islands there are many species of fish, but the ocean waters are too warm and acidic to support multicellular life.

Physical Adaptations Edit

Lotusakis wings change shape depending on the wind speed. If the wind speed increases their wings curve more into a circle. If the wind speed drops then the wings form more into a straight line. They don't change whenever the wind picks up or slows down. In order for them to adapt there has to be a drastic change. The curves help the dragons to fly better without the wind impacting the way they fly by the pressure causing them to slow down. Another adaptation is that when it actually gets cold the dragons use their wings as a blanket like bats do, but they don't hang upside down of course.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Lotusakis sleep in caves when it gets too hot so they can sleep in a shady, cooler, and more suitable environment. If there are no caves in their location they just find a shady cliff near the shore of their islands, perching on the rocks above the sea.