Physical Description Edit

Lionttah (pronounced lion:t:ah) are a species of carnivores that live in the violent jungles of the planet Satilvation.  It is one of the most feared creatures in the jungle. Lionttahs are a whopping 4 to 5.5 meters tall. Lionttahs have 8 meter wide wings wrapped in feathers. It has leather brown fur with claws  and walrus fangs. It has the facial features of the earth feline family, with whiskers, fangs, and triangular nose. It has eyes which resemble those of a earth reptilian. It has the speed of a cheetah but the instincts and leadership of a lion. It has the structure of a lion but the habits of a cheetah . They are warm blooded creatures. They can give birth to 3 live young every time the large moon line of Satilvation passes overhead.

Behavior Edit

Lionttahs are patriarchical and live in troops of about fifteen to twenty. To receive dominance in the troop, the two biggest males see who hunts the best and then fight to the death. Lionttahs are patient but can be very violently belligerent. It is an adaptation from evolving in the violent jungles of Satilvatin. Mating habits for most of the males and some of the females is to urinate near males/females they would like to attract. No matter how disgusting it seems to us, it seems attractive to them.

Environment Edit

Lionttahs live on the planet Saltivation. Saltivation is a planet with tropical weather. It is covered with vines and tall trees as far as the eyes can see. It is basically all jungle.The planet has a single sun and one very large moons.  During the day temperatures reach a maximum of about ninety-six or one hundred and two degrees. The heat of the planet cause the precipitation levels to be high. Since there is high precipitation on planet Saltivation there are frequent rain storms and floods. Rain falls on every inch of planet Saltivation at least 150 times per Saltivatian year. The Lionttah and Thrasher are the predators of the jungles. Every other animal in the jungle is a herbivore like the mild-tempered Giri or an omnivore like the saltivatian spider monkey. The food chain is very broad, with a large variety of animals that evolved to inhabit tall trees that surround them. The average planetary temperature is around 98०F. The surface of the planet is covered in trees and vines which stretch above shallow marshlands. There are only a few lakes of open water in deep ancient craters.

Physical Adaptations == Lionttah have many evolutionary adaptations. Its long legs help it run up to 113 kph. This speed helps them catch their prey. Another adaptation is their 8 foot meter wings that help them soar above both predators and prey. Thier eyes are adapted so they see a more expansive area easier to find their prey and avoid predators. They also have cuffed, swivel ears to hear their prey even in the harshest of rain storms. Unlike creatures from colder planets, they don’t have fatty tissue to insulate them in cold because they don’t experience cold. So their skin is a much thinner to keep them cool, allowing them to have energy to hunt on days when the weather can get extreme. Unlike other animals on Salvitation Lionttah have an organ in the abdomen that allows it to preserve water and uses it to refresh itself on really hot days. They have clawed hands and feet for clasping their prey and making it easier to eat. Their fangs are similar to walruses but are mainly for show because they really can’t benefit from them. That is why their claws are their biggest advantage when hunting.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Despite these physical adaptations, Lionttahs seek shelter at night because most of their prey that they can survive off of hunt during the day as well. When there is no available shelter they resort to flying up to high trees and using the vines and branches for temporary shelter.