Physical Description Edit

Jellypuffs are species of omnivorous creatures who live on the tropical planet Giganta. Jellypuffs are exactly 5 foot 5 inches in height. Jigglypuffs have a feature mix of blue violet colored skin. Like humans, they are also warm blooded, and under their layer of skin, instead of of having blood, they have a mixture of acid and water. They produce their offspring through a ritual ceremony that happens once a month on the planet Giganta. When the young come from within the ground they eat dirt; on the planet Giganta, the "dirt" is nutritious and tastes something like chocolate bread.

Behavior Edit

Jellypuffs are calm and live in families like humans do. They don’t chose to attack one another unless necessary. Usually the time where the most problems happen are during the ritual ceremonies of birth. They argue over which baby jelly should belongs to them.

Environment Edit

Jellypuffs live on the planet Giganta. The planet’s climate is evenly divided between rain and sunlight. In the daytime it is usually warm and gets close to the 90s. The natural disaster that affects jellypuffs are the Gigantan hurricanes. These storms come with extreme winds and nothing can stop them. Jellypuffs eat aquatic animals and reptiles. One of the most dangerous animals on their planet is humans who are an invasive species. Humans came to Giganta in search of resources.

Physcial Adaptations Edit

To survive, jellypuffs are adapted to spend time in the water, and they go in the water when it's too hot. Their excellent dark-adapted eyesight allows them to live in and hunt in caves when it rains too much. During hurricanes they go in the water since they can stay under for a certain amount of time. When it rains acid they absorb it with their skin. But if they absorb too much they might get sick.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Despite these physical adaptations, they spend most of their time with their family indoors. They travel in family groups and spend much of their time engaged in family bonding through grooming and sharing food resources.