Physical Description Edit

The galosechorus (pronounced /gal:os:cor:us\)  is very sneaky, fast, and huge. It has light fur, swirls all over its body, and has stripes on its tail. Galosechoruses are about two feet tall. They live in planet where it is hot but there is a lot of water there. The planet is called Gallas. They don’t eat animals, they eat vegetables and fruits. Galosechoruses grow eggs inside them as they grow up, so no matter what, their population increases.

Behavior Edit

Galosechoruses are very friendly towards all animals. They try to avoid poisonous frogs because they are the only animals that try to hurt them. Although the frogs have no chance of killing them, they do still try.  Galosechoruses don’t like to hurt other animals but when animals try hurt them, galosechruses have to defend themself. The planet Gallas is a peaceful planet so not much happen there that affects any animal in a bad way. They’re great at building shelters for other animals and themselves.

Environment Edit

The planet Gallas is a very peaceful planet. It stays at 91 degrees all the time. Plants grow all the time for all the animals to eat. But sometimes tsunamis strike, washing out all the plants. Since all the plants get washed out, it takes time for them to grow back which leaves all the creatures nothing to eat for a few days. Most creatures save their leftover plants just in case a tsunami strikes.

Physical Adaptations Edit

Since the climate stays at 91 degrees, their light fur helps them to not overheat. Also, even though it is very hot in Gallas, the water supply is very high so they never dehydrate. Galosechoruses are able to go in high places and fit in caves when tsunamis strike. Since Gallas is a peaceful planet, galosechoruses do not have to kill for their food; they are vegetarians and just eat the plants that grow there.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Galosechoruses may be the most powerful creature on Gallas, but it doesn’t eat any living creature. They try to keep everyone safe in the planet. Everyone gets along on the planet of Gallas.