Physical Description Edit

Errata Triplexes, commonly known as the Apex Monitor, is a species of omnivorous reptile that roams the tropical rain forest regions of the planet Xophus. Ranging from 2 to 3 feet in height and 3 to 4 feet in length, the Apex Monitor expresses several reptilian and Mammalian features such as, scaly skin, lack of mammary glands, production of eggs instead of live offspring, and small tufts of fur to keep warm in the few cold areas of the Xophian rainforests. They give birth to 4 or 5 offspring at a time every 6 xophian months. Because of the lack of mammary glands, the Errata Triplexes feeds its young by chewing its prey and feeding them from the mouth as earth avifauna would do to their young.

Behavior Edit

Apex Monitors tend to live separately and only gather during mating seasons. During these mating seasons, many physical challenges such as tusk fighting or skin pattern comparisons determine who will be taking place in mating this season. They tend to be docile toward humans but malevolent toward other male Apex Monitors due to mating competition. When threatened, they defend themselves in various ways. The most common form of defense is the mimicry of their one and only predator, the Abed Twinges commonly known as the Aerosaur.

Environment Edit

Errata Triplexi live on the terrestrial planet Xophus. It’s climate consists of mainly tropical rainforest. Its temperatures exceed levels of human sustainability except for certain areas where the sun is completely blocked by layers of vegetation. The frequent hurricanes and tornadoes make Xophus’s habitat everchanging, along with the locations of the climates. Its environment includes a compact food chain: The predatorial Aerosaur, the omnivorous Apex monitor, smaller reptile species such as the fire anole and the leaf basilisk,several marine creatures, and stone mice, grass worms, and magma beetles.The average planetary temperature is about 48°C although, around its equator, daytime temperatures reach 60°C  and night time temperatures reach around 32°C. Xophus’s surface is almost entirely engulfed in hot humid tropical forrest although there are certain areas completely deprived from heat and light due to dense layers of vegetation, where not much life is present due to the unsuspected temperature drop and climate change. Very few water bodies are present in the hot climate. Because of the heat, most water is evaporated which is why it is so humid and rainy. In these few water bodies a vast ecosystem is present where many species of marine life and vegetation are present.

Physical Adaptations            Edit

Apex Monitors have inherited several traits through natural selection that help it survive on the harsh environment of Xophus. These adaptations include less fur to keep warm only in certain environments,goggle like flaps used to protect the eyes during storms and mimic the eyes of the Aerosaur, sharp claws used for self defense and to dig into the ground during storms, and an axe like tusk used for self defense,protection from oncoming objects, and cutting vegetation for consumption. Two conductive antennae are used to hunt not only marine life but terrestrial life alike. It also expresses a chromophobic ability that helps blend in with its surroundings during hunting or escaping predators but only as a last resort due to the fact that it takes up vast amounts of water.

Apex Monitors also contain a system in the body that help store great amounts of water. This system consists of large rain catching pours, a filter located on the neck used to separate the water and oxygen in the humid air, and a large water preserve located in the tail.          

Behavioral Adaptations    Edit

Beside these physical adaptations, Apex Monitors also mimic the cry of the Aerosaur as self protection. They tend to search for the rare cooler environments at night in order to find the perfect sleeping temperature.