Physical Description Edit

The Effarig bears a strong resemblance to the giraffes we have on Earth. Effarigs grow up to be around 16-20 feet tall. They have long necks and long legs like the giraffe but are relatively short. Their skin is tan and covered in brown spots and they have a very thin layer of hair. Effarig’s also have a blue tongue that makes it resistant to any hot objects.  Effarig’s also have a large stomach which is split in two. One half is for food and the other is for water. They both act as a filter for each other, any liquid in the foods stomach goes to the water stomach and any little bits in the water stomach goes to the food stomach.  The neck of an Effarig is equipped with a strong acid that becomes deadly when it is released as a projectile.

Behavior Edit

The Effarig is a very unique animal. It tends to cluelessly wander around its own territory but would carelessly rush around a new area. It also sprints away from any other living thing as a probable act of defense. This may also mean it is an unsociable species, due to it constant hiding. Effarig’s also do not send much time in one spot. They are usually seen running around small flaming pools of lava or exploring new terrain.

Environment Edit

Just like the Effarig, its planet is also very stange. on the north pole of the planet lies a small island, containing fresh water, fresh land and one tree. With warm weather, constant breezes and little rainfall, the island seems almost like a paradise. However, no living things, besides the plants, live there. The complete other parts of the planet are covered in lava and mountains. There is constant acid rains and ruptures in the planets core, causing the ground to break apart and flood areas with lava. Also, the south pole has a giant opening broken off from the inside. The hole is filled with lava and surrounded by molten iron. The lands of vegetation are all burnt forests and very few lakes found in mudded swamps. There is one huge ocean that surround the island. This ocean is made up of entirely lava and rocks but its heat becomes less intense as it gets closer to the north. On the planet, a predatory animal lurks the lands, and the seas. The Electric Puffer Fish like creature is born with lungs that breathe in carbon dioxide and can split their large tail into two working legs. the dominant species of the planet is known as the Ancestor. It has the same basic characteristics of Earth’s gorilla but it is equipped with both and endoskeleton and an exoskeleton. It also has no hairs and an outer bottom jaw split in two on its bottom jaw.  

Physical Adaptations Edit

Due to the mostly extreme heat on the planet, the Effraig has a very light layer of hairs and has a tongue that is immune to any burns or hot objects. This helps it filter feed from the lava to gain any foods it can. Also, because of the The Effraig had very large legs that are poisonous on the outer layer of the muscle. The legs allow it to walk on the rocks floating on the lava without getting burned. It also can sense the planet's magnetic field through its feet, alerting it of oncoming ‘earthquakes’. In it’s incredibly large stomach, there are three sections. One for foods, one for liquids and one for acids. The stomach is large to help store any food and water for a much longer duration. The acid help break down any material the stomach takes in to turn into food and as a defense weapon. It’s acid can be shot as a projectile at will from the Effraig.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Since the Effarig is the main prey for the other animals, it would commonly act crazy and spit out acid to appear as tainted food. It also seems to be unsociable to avoid danger with other animals. The Effarig is actually a not a very intelligent animal and would roam around new land and hide in familiar land.