Physical Description Edit

The eaglecon is an animal that has the body of an eagle but the head of a condor. They are only two to three feet tall. It has red hair, not brown feathers like an earth eagle. This animal can chase all animals at high speeds. The eaglecon is a bird-like flyer that attacks animals that are twice its size. Eaglecon lay eggs. They are laid in clutches of 10 eggs at a time. They are carnivores, so they hunt to get their food. They have a wingspan of eight feet, with knife-like claws.

Behavior Edit

The eaglecon has a short temper and is very ferocious. When threatened by bigger creatures. they have very quick reflexes, so they are very dangerous. They also live on red fir trees which have a color that matches the body of the eaglecon, offering protection. The animals can be very protective of their offspring and will attack any creature who approaches the nest.

Environment Edit

The eaglecon lives on the planet Dekosa, in an area of grassland surrounded by a giant rainforest. The area gets very hot during the day, but during the night it goes to 10 degrees above freezing. Most Dekosan flyers hunt in large packs, but eaglecons only hunt in groups of two and three. Eaglecon make their nests in the area of the highest trees. in this dark Dekosan forest, it rarely snows but it never rises over 100 degrees fahrenheit beneath the canopy of giant red fir trees. Eaglecon nest in the giant red fir trees, which can reach hieghts of just over 500 feet. Besides the red firs that the Eaglecons live on. there are two other types of trees. The tallest of these is called grootlies, which can reach heights only slightly below that of the red first, and the widest are called wintods, the trunks of which often reach a circumference of nearly 100 feet.

Physical Adaptations to the Environment Edit

Heat levels on the plains of Dekosa can vary widely. The reflective red fur of the eaglecon reduces the effect of the heat of the sun, and the insulating properties of this fur keep the animal warm when it is cold and cool in the heat of the day. They also have a very sharp beak and claws so they can stab and kill their prey quickly when hunting and defending themselves from other animals.