Physical Description Edit

Colossus Glansobturans or Predator Manti (plural for Predator mantis) are carnivorous creatures that feed on their prey with long arms that have a reach of 5 meters with knife-like fingers that stab its prey attached with a life-ending poison that slowly and painfully kills it’s prey. Also, these creatures watch and let out a sound that sounds like a laugh while it watches it’s future dinner lie down to wither and die. They are cold blooded so they cannot be seen by their prey that have adapted to seeing other predators with warm blood. They are A-sexual and can reproduce in a matter of 2 seconds, and males and females can reproduce, and can start reproducing as soon as they are born, as they are born at full size. The only way these creatures can die is by killing each other, and this is because they have bulletproof skin, so only their knife-like fingers are strong enough to penetrate the skin of another predator mantis and inject poison into its veins. They can also hide from their predators by use their transforming abilities to transform into a rock, and this drives away predator manti because predator manti are allergic to rocks, especially if they are brown They have an odd color allergy, and are allergic to the color brown and mustard yellow. The effect of this allergic reaction is it makes it blind, and this will be the downfall of i’s life, because other manti will notice and kill it. For hunting, they can use their ability to become invisible.

Behavior Edit

Predator manti travel alone, and this is because of their need to try to dominate their entire planet. This means they walk alone and try to kill everything that is in sight, besides rocks. They do not sleep so as a hobby they kill prey and their entire families and then throw them on rocks so no Predator manti can eat them, but this shows their dominance because of their ability to kill. Males kill more than females, for females are also seen more as prey and get killed and are more enjoyable to kill than actual prey to males.

Environment Edit

Predator manti live on the planet Numquamconsummationemignis.This planet has temperatures that can reach up to 150 degrees celsius, and the lower side of the temperatures can be around 130 degrees celsius. All of the planet’s surface is made of a very flammable substance called ignitium and it automatically lights when temperatures reach 145 degrees celsius. When these temperatures are reached, the entire world catches on fire and everything inside of these flames becomes a delicious golden brown, because of the entire population of the planet has very thick skin to avoid heat, it takes a long time for other species to die, leaving them very little time to cook. But the one animal that does not die? The predator mantis. With their extra thin carbon fiber bulletproof skin, they do not even feel the heat of the fire.

In the environment, there is a plentiful selection of prey for the predator mantis to pick off and kill. The only prey a predator manti will eat besides others of their own kind are giant llamas. The giant llamas hide in rocky areas from the manti, but are often caught and eaten when they leave the rocks in search of food.. There is no water on this planet, for all of the animals on this planet do not need water, only blood.

Physical Adaptations Edit

Predator manti are perfectly fit for this planet.They have 6 legs to crawl across the ground and grasp the cracks beneath the surface for a better push off to run faster to catch prey. Also, they have 6 arms so they can climb up the mountains to kill the prey that lives at higher elevations. Also, they have muscles in their legs that are so strong that they jump up to 50 km, which shows that their lack of ability to fly does not affect their ability to catch prey that flies. They are also red so that when they are not invisible, they blend in with their surroundings.

Behavioral Adaptations == Predator Manti have adapted to never sleep so they can never be caught out surprisingly by their other predators, other predator manti. Also, they have learned to not only not feel no remorse for killing other species, but joy. That is why they kill all day and all night, just for the sheer joy of it.