Choboburgs Edit

The choboburgs were recently found on the new planet, Palenta. They are not similar to any of the animals that we are used to on earth, For example, choboburgs are extremely colorful with patchy fur in colors such as blue, green, purple, pink, yellow and practically any other color that you could think of.

Choboburgs are semi-aquatic. When they get too warm or feel threatened by another species they will dive into the water to cool off or hide. The choboburgs can breath underwater for about ten minutes which helps them to stay unnoticed by predators. They are average swimmers but they do better on land walking and climbing so that is where they spend most of their time.

Diet Edit

The choboburg diet is very simple. They have adapted to their surroundings to make it easier for them. Their main form of nutrition is by eating the colorful flies of Palenta, fanias, during the winter months. Fanias are unique because they hibernate in the summer rather than the winter. Because of this, Choboburgs rely on the colorful mushrooms in their environment to provide nutrition during the summer months.


The choboburgs live deep inside the colorful forests of Palenta. Inside the color forests you will find colorful trees and giant mushrooms. The waterfalls that you will see can be breath taking and the overall look of the forests are amazing. Choboburgs enjoy climbing into the trees at night to go to sleep but as soon as the sun has risen they are out of bed and on the lookout for breakfast.


These creature are surprisingly very friendly and are only defensive if it seems necessary. They can be tamed and many people are starting to wonder if they can be trained to act as pets. As of right now people are testing the possibility to see if it would actually work but, they are not saying much.


Choboburgs are no larger than a small dog and only weigh an average of 10 pounds. Their fur is multi-colored to fit into their surroundings and camouflage them from their predators, which happen to be rainosaurs, creatures similar to the dinosaurs we think to have once inhabited our planet.These dinosaurs are very colorful much like the rest of the bright planet and have razor sharp teeth which are good for the hunting it has to do to provide food for itself. Over the years the choboburgs have adapted to their surroundings so that they could better camouflage with the environment and try to stay safe from predators.