Physical Description Edit

Chavurtle (pronounced cha/ver/chale)are a species of omnivore that lives on the planet Bruhete.  They have a 7.5 feet wing span and are six feet in length. Thier shell plates are 3 by 3 and the retractable wings are at the 4th and 6th plate. The body color all depends on the background since the Chavurtle can camouflage into any background like a chameleon. The Chavurtle can produce ten eggs every 4 Bruhete months and they nest their eggs by the water in shallow dens.

Behavior  Edit

Chavurtle are neutral animals but are quick tempered and easily angered. They will only attack when they fell provoked or threatened. They are monogamous animals and are very loyal to their families and dedicated to their young. They will feed and support their fledglings until 8 Bruhete months and help find their mates. They find their mates by establishing dominance by staring down their opponent and flashing the brightest color that they change into. Whoever flashes the brightest color wins the mate and challenge. But the losing Chavurtle could re-challenge the winning Chavurtle by a fight of pecking, wing pummeling and shell rolling.

Environment Edit

The Chavurtle lives on planet Bruhete. Their environment is a humid, tropical, and muggy quality with lots of vegetation. The daily temperatures are 68 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest it has ever been on Bruhete is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the coldest is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Frequently dominated with rain there is an immense amount of foliage that crowds the dense abundance of russet terrain. The tall trees covered with thick vines make the Chavurtle habitat look dim and gloomy but the vivid plant life makes it seem much lighter than it is.

Physical Adaptations Edit

These unique animals possess many unique adaptations for their habitat. As one of the animals on top of the food chain the Chavurtle is a natural predator and prey to very few. The long, retractable curved razor-sharp talons help these animals catch and hold onto their prey. Also they’re the only animal on the plant Bruhete that can camouflage into any background they are near. Because of this they can easily sneak up and hide from prey and predators.  Not so easily hunted down, the Chavurtles population expands tremendously. Although these animals are very clever they have one fatal flaw, their inability to see.  But quite astonishing the lack of sight doesn’t stop the Chavurtle.  It can hear up to a mile and the sense of smell is extraordinary. They can smell prey from two miles at the most.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

Since the Chavurtles are ill-tempered, they aren’t really bothered by the other creatures. When it is time to take shelter for the night the Chavurtles retract into their shell homes on the ground camouflaged as a rock. Or they perch onto the highest tree they can get to so nocturnal predators such as the Helraser won't attack while they are sleeping.