Celia=blind Sapientiam=wisdom

Physical description Edit

The Ceientiam are a species of herbivores who live in tropical rainforests of Wodthen. They are are about 5 to 8 meters tall with bright eyes of yellow, a small closed nose that is black, and a wide mouth with 10 small teeth top and bottom. Their ears are also closed covered by feathers of purple and dark blue, along with their skin covered by short feathers. Their arms are long enough for them to fly along with added heavy weight with those color feathers that are strong and long and end with long fingers with sharp clear nails. Their legs are the tallest part of their body with long brown feet. They can use their colored feathers to blend with their environment, and this camouflage helps to not attract unwanted predators near them when they cover their outer face with their arms around their bright yellow eyes. And they find their mates based on attitude and survival skills along with protection of their young and elders. They can produce only one young in each pregnancy of 2 months. Their young eats minimal and small portions of chewed up green plants given by the parents and later on their own development.The speed of growth is fast enough so that they can protect themselves within a month of birth and become independent of their parents, but they stay close together in groups. Their lifespan averages of about 30 Wodthen years.

Behaviour Edit

They tend to be very cautious towards everything around them especially new environments or species. They also run fast on land with their long legs that are durable on any type of surface. They also freeze when approached to prevent their movements from attracting attention. They aren't aggressive towards other species other than themselves, but mostly peaceful.

Environment Edit

Their environment is the same as the colors of their feathers so they can blend in with green giant plants with tall trees that block the sunlight creating dark, shadowy tones that match their colors. Their resource. Their habitat is resource rich, so they don't wonder much unless the there are drastic environmental changes. They tend to live in a temperate moist environment. They are herbivores that eat only fresh greens and dig deep with their feet in the ground for dry rough roots to chew on. They also rest to 5 to 9 hours and are greatly energized in the afternoon to be assured of awareness at all times.

Physical adaptations Edit

Their outer appearance helps blend in most environments and not attract other species. Their long legs help with the speed of transport, to run away from predators. And they are actually blind. But they use their eyes as bright yellow warnings toward other species so they aren't bothered. They have a great sense of hearing so they know what it is around them and also to survive as to search for water or when another animal is nearby then using their feet that are durable in any surface of the ground to know their settings and run away from unwanted different species unless they each signal each other using their high pitch voices that only they can hear and understand. They also have great smell to search for their fresh green supply of food.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

They are very wise animals that know better not just for themselves but for the whole group and others in need of help. They know what they are capable of and what they are not capable of. They aren't rash and are sensitive toward others. They mate for their life and sticks with their mates until the end. They are loyal and protective with their families and habitat.