Physical Description Edit

Cabason (pronounced Kah-bah-son) are omnivores who live in the frigid deserts of -Khlan.  Cabason are generally 4 feet high and 7 feet long. Cabason are a mix of the sharpened teeth and claws of the capybara, the warm thermal skin and fur of the polar bear, and an extra layer of protective skin.They are warm-blooded, with a layer of thick blubbery skin under fur which can vary from gray to white. They carry their young for approximately 11 months and give birth generally to 4-6 babies. Their babies drink milk from their mothers and also from their fathers for the first 3 months of their life. For the rest, the eat a variety of plants and small animals.

Behavior Edit

Cabasons typically travel in groups of 2-3 families. (Father, Mother, and children.) They tend to have bad tempers and will attack within the group if agitated. To get their prey, the Cabason would chase them at alarmingly fast speeds. It ranged from 30-60 mph. Once they caught their prey, they would clench onto it with their jaws. Then they would tear it into pieces to share with their clan by ripping the meat with their claws. Often the strongest two of the clan will go out and hunt for the rest, and drag their catch back. Large stomachs to store food.

Environment Edit

Cabasons live on the planet of Khlan..  The planet is a freezing barren desert with minimum plants yet high wildlife levels. Temperatures usually fall between -100 and 10 degrees fahrenheit during the day, and fall to as low as -200 at night. There is little rain or moisture and its thick atmosphere keeps the sun from reaching the ground. The animals inhabiting the  planet include the Cabasons prey; rats, mice, small rodents, and different types of birds, many of which are quite aggressive. The Cabasons predators include; coyotes, poisonous snakes, wolves, walruses, and polar bears.The average temperature is around -60ºF; however at the equator it gets as high as 20 degrees F. The planet as a whole is about two times larger than Earth, although almost ⅛ of the planet is uninhabitable. Thats because it is covered in sharp mountain tops where the temperature plummets.  

Physical Adaptations Edit

Cabasons have many adaptations that make living life in the frigid cold a bit easier for them.  Those adaptations include a thick blubber like protective layer of skin to keep their warmth insulated. As well as thick heavy fur to keep them warm and to keep the cold snow and sand from freezing their skin. They have small eyes to prevent sand from scratching them in the event of a sandstorm, and their skin protects them for this reason also. Their bodies process and use meat and vegetation in the same way, turning it into energy, so if they can only get plants for a while, they are still able to run fast and go on with their daily activities. They also have a big mouth and stomach cavity, to keep more food in so they don't have to eat everyday, which would be a strenuous task. They have sharp teeth and claws to defend themselves. They have a natural immunity to most kinds of snake poison, rendering a bite harmless.

Behavioral Adaptations Edit

The Cabason often sleep in tightly packed formations to preserve heat. They will often put the highest ranking of their pack in the middle, because he is the most highly thought of in the group. the ones on the outer ends of the circle are often the weaker ones; sick, injured.