Physical Description Edit

The blue creatura is a is a beautiful animal. They can blend in with the blue/periwinkle shades of its enviroment. They are all some shade of blue, some  more with a purple tint than others, and have green or grey eyes. Most are a little bit larger than cheetahs, some are just a tad smaller. Usually, they tend to have big feet that seem really heavy for a body of that size. They are a unique compared to a lot of other animals on this world, most others look that of an exact twin of our animals here on earth just in new color, but the blue creatura are something new, interesting, and bold, just like this new world

Environment Edit

Blue creatura live in a world where there is only sunlight for one hour a day, so they tend to sleep throughout most of the day. But, there is still the wandering ones that you can spot, and one interesting trait they have is that they glow in the dark, which is a disadvantage when it comes to their predators being hungry. Also when they are not sleeping, they are on the move, constantly walking but always coming back home at the end of the day. The seem to be the species that doesnt always stay in packs, but nevr permanently leaves home, so you’ll be sure to spot one.

The climate the blue creatura live in is around 29-30 degrees daily, and seeing as it is dark everyday, they don't really have help with getting warm. I noticed something odd. It rains every wednesday, like a complete downpour. Still, I also see that their bodies, their fur, it soaks up the water like its nothing. The blue creatura tend to live near what would be water, is ice, and they live in igloos. these are now strong enough to keep them safe from hurricanes, and wednesday snow storms. This world amazed me by the minute,and the island of blue creatura was as I said, of the color blue, and each island has the same weather but different colors.

Adaptations Edit

Some adaptations that allow the blue creatura to live in its environment are most importantly its fur. It soaks up all rain water and in return they are hydrated somehow  so they don't have to drink, only eat. Also, their clawed toes, and sectioned feet help them to climb trees and get away from their predators. But they are also a main predator, so they have sharp teeth so they they can eat their dinner which usually consists of baby cheetahs, deer , and owls. I think their adaptations are very helpful, i cant wait to visit the other colorful islands in this new world, Mundo Illusione.